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Changzhou DaLi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.was founded in 2001,located in Tianning Town of Changzhou.Through the effort of all staff members for many years,the Company has become a medium scale machine manufacturer with powerful technical force and advanced equipment.Changzhou Xin Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Hutang Town of Changzhou , covering an area of over 10,000 square meters,is a high-tech manufacturer dedicated ...
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Trust Seal, Credit Check, RoSH and Supplier Capability Assessment. company has strictly quality control system and professional test lab.
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Internal professional design team and advanced machinery workshop. We can cooperate to develop the products you need.
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Advanced automatic machines, strictly process control system. We can manufacture all the Electrical terminals beyond your demand.
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Bulk and customized small packaging, FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP. Let us help you find the best solution for all your concerns.

quality Geomembrane Sheet Production Line & Drainage Sheet Extrusion Line manufacturer

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DL-2300 film lamination production line. The products can be directly used for film printing.
DL-2300 Lamination film production line, as an outstanding representative of modern production technology, occupies an important position in the field of film production with its high efficiency, stability and multi-functional characteristics. The production line can not only produce casting film, but also carry out coating composite operation, and the products produced can be directly used for film printing, which greatly meets the market demand for high-quality, multi-functional films. DL-2300 Lamination film production line with its unique process flow and technical characteristics, to ensure the high quality of products and production efficiency. In the process of casting film production, the production line makes the plastic uniformly coated on the substrate by precisely controlling the temperature, pressure and speed of the molten plastic, forming a smooth and uniform film. This film has good transparency, gloss and mechanical strength for a variety of packaging and printing needs. In the film compounding process, DL-2300 Lamination film production line also shows its excellent performance. The production line adopts advanced film coating technology to melt one or more layers of film evenly coated on another substrate, and forms film composite materials after cooling and curing. This composite material not only retains the original properties of the substrate, but also enhances the waterproof, moisture-proof, barrier and other properties of the material, and is widely used in food packaging, medical supplies, agricultural coverings and other fields. It is worth mentioning that the DL-2300 Lamination film production line also has a high degree of flexibility. The production line can adjust the process parameters and equipment configuration according to different production needs, to achieve a variety of specifications, a variety of material film production. At the same time, the production line is also equipped with advanced automatic control system, which realizes the intelligent and accurate control of the production process, and improves the production efficiency and product quality. In addition to efficient production capacity, the DL-2300 Lamination film production line also focuses on environmental protection and energy saving. The production line adopts advanced waste gas treatment system and heat energy recovery technology, which effectively reduces energy consumption and emissions in the production process and realizes green production. Of course, the advantages of DL-2300 Lamination film production line are not only reflected in its high efficiency, flexibility and environmental protection characteristics, but also reflected in its wide application fields and broad market prospects. With the rapid development of the packaging industry and people's pursuit of high-quality life, the demand for film products is also growing. The DL-2300 Lamination film production line meets this market demand with its superior performance and versatility. In the field of food packaging, the film products produced by DL-2300 Lamination film production line have good barrier properties and fresh-keeping properties, which can effectively protect the quality and taste of food. At the same time, its excellent printing performance also makes food packaging more beautiful and attractive. In the field of medical supplies, the coating composite material is widely used in the production of medical supplies such as surgical gowns, masks and sheets because of its good waterproof, moisture-proof and barrier properties.
Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Shines at the 135th Canton Fair
On May 19, 2024, the 135th Canton Fair opened at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting thousands of companies from around the world. Among them, Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the Chinese plastic machinery industry, actively participated by showcasing a range of high-quality products, including geomembrane production lines, waterproof board production lines, rough spray geomembrane production lines, composite geotextile production lines, and drainage board production lines. Despite not bringing actual equipment, the company displayed numerous samples and technical materials, drawing considerable attention to its booth. Samples of geomembrane production lines, waterproof board production lines, and others showcased the company's technological prowess and product quality, attracting numerous domestic and international clients for cooperation discussions. Renowned for its outstanding performance and stable quality, products from Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. have garnered widespread acclaim within the industry. Geomembrane production lines and composite geotextile production lines, in particular, hold promising applications in various markets. At the Canton Fair, the company's sales team passionately introduced product features and technical advantages, providing comprehensive solutions to potential clients. In addition to product showcases, the company actively participated in various forums and exchange activities, engaging in in-depth discussions with industry experts and peers. Leveraging the platform provided by the Canton Fair, Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. further solidified its leading position within the industry, expanded domestic and international markets, strengthened cooperation with clients, and laid a solid foundation for future development. Overall, Changzhou Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. showcased remarkable performance at the 135th Canton Fair, demonstrating its technological strength and innovation capability, injecting new vitality and impetus into the Chinese plastic machinery industry. It is anticipated that the company will continue to win the trust and support of more clients through high-quality products and excellent services, achieving mutual development goals in the future.



Letter to New Dali's customers
Dear valued customer,   We are honored to introduce our company, Changzhou New Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., to you. As a leading plastic machinery manufacturer in China, we specialize in the design, development, and production of a wide range of high-quality plastic processing machinery.   With years of experience in this industry, our company is dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art equipment that truly meets their needs. Our product range includes plastic extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, and auxiliary equipment, all of which are designed to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective performance.   At New Dali, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we work closely with them to develop custom solutions that perfectly meet their expectations. Thanks to our robust research and development capabilities and an unwavering commitment to quality, we continue to innovate and provide our customers with cutting-edge equipment that is second to none.   We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and support, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our team of experts is always on hand to offer comprehensive technical assistance and advice, and we make sure that every product we sell is backed by a comprehensive warranty and after-sales service. In conclusion, we are confident that we have the expertise and resources to provide you with the best plastic machinery solutions available on the market today. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.   Sincerely,   Changzhou New Dali Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.